Sperm Donor Testimonials

Donating at CCB has changed not only my life, but has helped me make more of a substantial difference in my community. Aside from the benefit of constantly being on top of my health and staying in-tune with my body, CCB offers a unique opportunity to help create families. After screening me and explaining how healthy donors have to be, I knew that if I were to qualify, I'd be honored to be a donor. I've been enrolled in the program for a year now, and I love what I do. They compensate you for time and expenses, the people are nice and professional, and at the end of the day, I'm doing something for the greater good of many lives.

~Los Angeles Donor

I really love the convenience and ease that comes with being a CCB sperm donor. I can fit it into my schedule without worrying about deadlines, and it is an easy way to help others and make a difference in their lives.

~ Los Altos Donor

As I near the end of the program, I am able to look back with satisfaction on my time with California Cryobank. It has been rewarding to help so many people fulfill their dreams.

~ Los Altos Donor

Whenever I hear people say something like 'My children are more important to me than anything in this world,' I feel an air of satisfaction. I realize that, as a CCB sperm donor, I'm helping couples achieve perhaps their greatest desire. And the fact that I get great benefits like free health exams makes it all the more worthwhile.

~ Los Altos Donor

If you are fortunate enough to meet the criteria to be a sperm donor at the California Cryobank, it is indeed an amazing opportunity that is open to you. Many of the advantages of being a donor are obvious at the outset, but I was more than pleasantly surprised to discover how easy and positive the whole experience has been. The commitment asked of you by CCB is extremely flexible to suit your personal schedule and availability. The CCB staff is excellent all around, and is primarily responsible for the high quality of the donor program experience. The attending staff at the center is efficient, very professional, and in general are friendly, down to earth, and easy to interact with. The donor coordinator was particularly excellent, keeping me informed and making sure that I understood everything at each step along the way, facilitating the whole processes, and making the entire experience a pleasant one. I highly recommend participation in the CCB donor program to anyone who is considering the advantages it has to offer.

~ Cambridge Donor

It sounded alien and intimidating at first but the Cryobank put my fears to rest. It is a very warm and friendly place with supportive, helpful staff and a really cool donor coordinator. Plus lots of perks!!! Free movie tickets, a massage chair, and free snacks.

~ Los Angeles Donor

I've had a great experience being a sperm donor. The staff at the bank is super-friendly and the facility is nice. The benefits are also great: free movie tickets during the application process, full physicals twice a year, free genetic testing and screening, and more. Most importantly for me, though, is the idea of helping couples have children who have tried to conceive on their own and were unable to do so. I am planning on having a family one day and it is really important for people to be able to realize this dream.