CCB's Sperm Bank History & Mission

Our Sperm Bank’s Mission & Vision


To provide the highest quality reproductive and stem cell products and services, guided by dedicated customer focus, unmatched scientific excellence and innovative leadership.


To be the world leader in reproductive and stem cell services by helping to grow and protect healthy families.

Give the Gift of Family Through Sperm Donation

At California Cryobank (CCB), our sperm donor program recruits men all around the nation to assist others in fulfilling their dreams of having a family. In return for their time and commitment, we offer a means to supplement income and to receive comprehensive health and genetic screenings free of charge.

We are dedicated to providing our clients the opportunity to start and grow their own families. Monetary reimbursement is not the only reason to donate sperm. Some CCB donors already have children of their own but donate because they enjoy helping others experience the joys of parenthood. Other donors have seen family or friends endure the frustration of fertility problems. By participating in our sperm donor program, our recruits can make someone's dream of parenthood a reality.

The History of Our Sperm Bank

Founded in 1977, California Cryobank is a full-service, physician-owned sperm bank providing a comprehensive resource for frozen donor sperm, private semen cryopreservation, and specialized reproductive services (including egg and embryo storage). We are extremely proud of our 35+ years of reproductive success and have distinguished ourselves as a leader in the industry and #1 physician recommended sperm bank in the world.

Our team is comprised of medical directors, physicians, lab technicians, genetic counselors, client service consultants, and donor matching consultants.

Every facet of our services is completely and expertly led by one of our experienced and compassionate team members.

And while our sperm donor program is the foundation of our service, CCB provides a full range of services for our clients including cord blood banking and access to our CCB Sibling Registry.

Our sperm donor program is considered around the world as the premier program of its kind.

Potential sperm donors must first meet our basic requirements before being screened through our qualification process, which includes health screenings, genetic testing and more.

Feel free to learn more about our qualification process here.