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Your Confidentiality and Anonymity as a Sperm Donor

California Cryobank's Commitment to Donor Privacy

California Cryobank is committed to maintaining every sperm donor's right to privacy and will always exercise our most strenuous efforts to assure donor anonymity.

We will not release confidential identifying information about you without your written consent. If we have a need to contact you by telephone, letter or e-mail, we take steps to protect your anonymity.

After becoming a qualified sperm donor, you will be issued a donor number and you will only be identified by this number to anyone outside of the donor department. When you retire from the program, it is important that you do not forget your sperm donor number in case you should have questions or any other reason to contact us in the future.

To balance the concerns for privacy and confidentiality with a child's need to know about his or her biological parents, we have developed an Openness Policy.

We are obligated by mutual agreements to maintain the anonymity and privacy of all parties, including the donor, recipient, and all offspring resulting from anonymous donor insemination. However, if given mutual consent by the sperm donor and adult offspring, we will attempt to facilitate anonymous contact.

Rights of the Sperm Donor and Clients Purchasing and Using Sperm

All sperm purchased from California Cryobank (CCB) is donated by anonymous donors whose identity is never disclosed to the recipient. The recipient's identity is similarly never disclosed to the donor. Both parties are protected by contracts required by CCB. All sperm donors are required to sign a donor consent agreement that contains the following paragraph:

“I have no intention or desire to be deemed a legal parent of any resulting child and to the fullest extent possible, waive any and all claims that I may have to parenthood or any child that may result from my donation(s). I intend for this waiver to apply regardless of whether my semen specimens are used by a married or unmarried woman and/or for ethical research purposes regardless of the state, or country, in which my semen specimens are used.”

Additionally, the anonymous sperm donor is protected from parental responsibility by California State Law (Civil Code #7613, California Uniform Parentage Act (b)) which states:

"The donor of semen provided to a licensed physician and surgeon or to a licensed sperm bank for use in assisted reproduction of a woman other than the donor's spouse is treated in law as if he were not the natural parent of a child thereby conceived."